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Mahatma Narayan Singh Ji........
Narayan Singh, the son of Thakur Sahib was an outstanding representative of the ideals of his parents. He was a quintessence of simplicity, compassion, humility, love, service and spirituality. He chose to remain unmarried but never shied away from his duties towards the rest of the family and towards the ashram. All his life, he surrendered himself to the service of his parents and the fellow brothers. Thakur Sahib used to remark that Narayan Singh was a reincarnated noble soul from his previous birth. The Divine Mother had profound love for him.

After Thakur Sahib left his physical body, Narayan Singh devoted himself to the growth of the ashram. The present form of this exquisite ashram is the result of his hard work. He continued to manage various spiritual programmes held at this place from time to time. He would welcome, guide and serve all the visitors to this place. The visitors were enthralled at his simplicity, surrender and unbound love.
Serving the mankind this way for all his life, he went to heavenly abode on 12th April 2001. The divine life lived by him will continue to inspire the whole ashram family.