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Samarth Sadguru Mahatma Shri Ramchandra Ji........
The ‘guru-bhagwan’ of saint Ram Singh, as he would call his master, Shri Ramchandra Ji Maharaj (also known as Mahatma Ji or Lala Ji) was a great sufi saint in the lineage of nakshabandiya. He was born in the year 1873 in Farrukhabad City, UP, India. His mother was deeply religious. She left an indelible mark on young Ramchandra before she died when Ramchandra was merely seven. A Muslim matron raised him afterwards. His early education was at home by a maulvi and further education was at a Mission School.

His father also expired soon after his marriage and he had to take over the burden of the family in very difficult circumstances. Due to losing of an old litigation, he had to sell all his belongings including house and property. He dropped his studies and settled for a menial job in Collectorate. However with hard work and honesty, he retired at a considerably higher post.

When Mahatma Ji was eighteen, he came in contact with a great Sufi Master, Maulana Fazal Ahmed Khan Sahib, who was an illustrious sufi saint in this lineage. Khan Sahib was totally above the insensible idea of man-man divide in the name of religion. He rejected all precincts of sectarian compulsions to spread this spiritual knowledge to one and all, irrespective of their faith. He used to say "Khuda mazhab mein nahin, muhabbat mein hai" (God’s abode is not in the confines of religions but in the efflorescence of love). His followers included people from all faiths. His divine resting place is in Raipur (UP). After Easter, every year, a grand occasion of satsang and gathering is held there. A large number of devotees gather there to experience the divine aura around the resting place of the enlightened soul.

Khan Sahib found in Mahatma Ji an able inheritor who could further his mission to awaken the general masses towards the path of God. Under the instructions of his master, Mahatma Ji spread this easy and simple method of spiritual practice to the common man.

Like his master, Mahatma Ji was a great humanitarian. He lived a simple life. He would always extend all help and would prop up inquisitive disciples on the path while steering clear of any recognition for himself. Till his last breath, this great soul guided inquisitors belonging to all faiths before leaving for heavenly abode on 14th August 1931.

A grand gathering is held each year on the occasion of Good Friday at his resting place at Fatehgarh (distt. Farrukhabad), UP. Disciples from all over the globe reach there and get spiritual help.

Many of his disciples carried his mission of spreading the light of Truth. A number of such organisations (including Ram Samadhi Ashram) are today flourishing in various towns of India and in other countries pronouncing that the wisdom of sages are meant for the common people and boundaries dividing the mankind are only man made. This way they are taking forward the spiritual work of this great sage for evolution of human consciousness. Thousands of people are getting the benefit of spiritual progress and embracing meditation, selfless service, compassion, and righteous path.