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Bai Sa Dayal Kunwar (Sati Bai Sa)........
The daughter of Thakur Sahib Bai Sa Dayal Kunwar was an extraordinary woman. Just like the rest of the family, she was an embodiment of sacrifice and purity. Since her childhood, many miracles happened around her. When she grew up, she was married to Shree Bhawani Singh. This brilliant young man was a member of the parliament of the Jaipur State and was a prominent social worker.

By quirk of fate, he suffered from incurable disease of tuberculosis while serving people in massive flood affected areas. He suddenly died just 18 months after his marriage. Dayal Kunwar decided to commit Sati. She dressed herself as a newly wed bride and gave up her life at the funeral pyre of her husband amongst applauds of huge assembly of masses. Her exceptional sacrifice is still fresh in the minds of the people.
At the same place at Khur (distt. Sikar), a grand temple stands today, which is a centre of pilgrimage for the entire area.