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This divine place situated near village Manoharpura is set in beautiful surroundings appropriate for sadhana or spiritual practices.

Grand shrines of the accomplished souls, Paramsant Thakur Sahib Shree Ram Singh Bhati, his companion and other half in life, Mother Gopal Kunwar and his virtuous son, Mahatma Narayan Singh stand here.

Calm, serene and natural environs here are most suitable for meditation. The place is swamped with greenery all over.

Quality residential accommodation is available for meditators staying here. In addition, good facilities such as, meditation hall, library, mess, water, electricity etc., are available. Many devotees visit this place and participate in meditation and prayers.
Map of Ram Samadhi Mandir :
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Spiritual Events Held by the Ashram
Event Calendar
Day Occasion
14th and 15th of January, on the occasion of ‘Makar Sankranti’ Physical disappearance day of Thakur Sahib Ram Singh Ji
‘Basant Panchami’ Birthday celebration of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji
2nd March Physical disappearance day of the Mother
13th April Physical disappearance day of Mahatma Narayan Singh Ji
‘Guru Poornima’ Gratitude by followers to the masters;
14th August Physical disappearance day of Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji
15th August Birthday celebration of Mahatma Narayan Singh Ji
3rd September Birthday celebration of Thakur Sahib Ram Singh Ji
30th November Physical disappearance day of Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl Ahmed Khan Sahib

In addition, satsang is held on every Sunday from 4pm to 6pm in winter season and 5pm to 7pm in summers.
Ashram Management
The ashram activities are managed by a legal trust founded under the leadership of Mr. Kan Singh Bhati, the grandson of Thakur Sahib. Members of the trust with the help of other voluntary contributors manage the activities of the ashram.

All regular affairs along with the arrangements for the community kitchen during the events held are managed by the committee. The committee also undertakes many activities towards community service and intends to expand these activities in future.